Photoshop & Graphic Design for the Web

Since starting in 1992 as a web graphic designer, I have designed hundreds of banner ads, plus newsletters, E-zines and custom photoshop images for successful individuals and companies.

Phone or e-mail me today to discuss getting your newsletter, E-Zine or custom photoshop design on live on the web.

Office: 305-496-9335
Miami Beach, FL
Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-1pm

Why choose Peter to design your custom photoshop image, PDF Newsletter or E-Zine

  • Certified Expert Level Photoshop designer since 2004
  • Newletters can be finished within 3-7 days, E-zines within 10-14 days, and custom photoshop designs with 1-3 days
  • FAST, Friendly, Accurate Service
  • ALL designs are optimized for fastest internet load times
  • Effective web banners also available

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Here are some sample Newslettera, E-zines, custom photoshop images and CD covers I have designed:

IEENI Newsletter

Vegetarian Home & Travel Magazine

Custom Photoshop design created for Cynthia Beavers

Custom CD design

Display Ads for printed Media

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