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'Secret Oasis'

"While listening to Secret Oasis performed so masterfully by Peter Edwards, you are transported to another peaceful place. I use this CD to sit back, relax and escape from the real world. It has a calming effect. Peter has discovered how to use his piano to transmit peace."
Rudy Perez
2005 Billboard Magazine, Latin Producer of the Year
2005 ASCAP, Latin Songwriter of the Year

"It's Beautiful!"
Julio Iglesias
Internationally Acclaimed Vocal Recording Artist

"Peter Edwards performs his own nature-inspired piano pieces that---tranquil and reflective---seem to float in an instrumental spiritual reverie."
Natural Home Magazine (Jan/Feb 2003)

"Been listening here in my office the past couple of days. You have created a lovely work, Peter. The musicianship and recording are excellent...Anyway, fly on, Maestro!"
Drew Townson

"I listened to a little bit and liked what I heard.I'd greatly appreciate it if you could send me a copy of the CD for my radio show. Just send it to the address below. Thanks."
Scott Raymond
Poughkeepsie, NY

"Peter Edwards: Secret Oasis grabs the listener from the first note, lifts the spirit of the listener to a place seldom offered by a music CD. I played Secret Oasis at my place of work and had people lined up at my door asking who the CD was by and where could they get it! Now I can tell them at CDBABY.COM! 'Secret Oasis' provides a beautiful, meditative, reflective sanctuary for the listener; a welcome place to go and to help cope with the stresses of living in our world today."
Bobo Lavorgna
New Haven, CT

"The music is just delightful on your CD. Very flowing and natural, yet rich and lush, and played with the sensitivity and perfectionism of someone who understands spirituality and mysticism."
Steven Pollack
North Miami Beach, Florida

"I got the CD today. It's sooooo beautiful. I'm listening to it now. I like it a lot. Your music is so me. I can totally relate to it. The pic of you on the CD is very nice too."
Vesha Williams
Kailua-Kona, HI

"Secret Oasis is a spiritual passage to universal love...This music penetrates the heart and releases a deep and true sense of compassion with melodic and rhythmic impulses reflecting colorful vibrations and spiritual energy of light that heals my inner being. I believe this is a universal message full of angelic sounds of love."
Michael Mills
Drums No Guns, Inc.
West Haven, CT

"When you play Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Performing Arts, can I have front row tix?"
Dave Klein
Sebastopol, CA

"The music on your new CD is positively hypnotic and soothing on all levels. The effect is obviously immediately penetrable to one's state of mind but there is something more....It seems to overpower the conscious mind's chatter and communicate directly to the soul leaving the listener euphorically paralyzed. Thank you for this wonderful contribution."
Lanna Berkun
North Branford, CT


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