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"While listening to 'Secret Oasis' performed so masterfully by Peter Edwards, you are transported to another peaceful place. I use this CD to sit back, relax and escape from the real world. It has a calming effect. Peter has discovered how to use his piano to transmit peace."

Rudy Perez 2010 Billboard Magazine Producer of the Decade (Latin) & 2005 ASCAP Songwriter of the Year (Latin)

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Listen to 'SECRET OASIS'
... the latest CD by composer Peter Edwards

'SECRET OASIS', featuring pianist Peter Edwards (aka Peter Edward Firk) and violinist Anthony Blea, is a widely acclaimed acoustic CD of soothing, yet intricate grand piano and violin soundscapes. Listeners are inspired to journey within to inner realms of peace, bliss and joy with a variety of romantic, yet Zen-like original compositions performed to enhance their subtle connection to inner frequences of our universal oneness.

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