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Hippoctrates Health Institute VegetarianUSA 2010 editor's choice award




A highly effective massage therapy, originating in the Orient, based on the acupuncture meridians. Instead of needles, deep penetrating pressure is used, usually with the thumbs.


A combination of the principles of acupressure within the context of yoga postures.


An Indian (East) word meaning non-violence in thought, word or deed. This concept is the moral basis of ethical vegetarianism, which is that one should not kill other highly conscious beings for the sake of food.

Airola diet

Developed by the late Paava Airola, prolific author, nutritionist, and naturopathic doctor, it emphasizes raw and cooked seeds, grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables (and their juices) as well as raw unpasteurized dairy products and vitamin and mineral supplements.

Ajna Chakra

Spiritual focal point behind and between the eyes, which is the seat of the soul during its waking state, also known as the third eye.

Akash Bani

Voice from heaven. The audible sound current, the creative life principle sustaining everything in the universe; same as Udgit of the ancients, the holy word of the Christians, and the Bang-i-Asmani or Kalma of the Mohammedans and the Naam or Shabda of the Sikhs.


Study of transmuting base metals into gold. Esoterically, a spiritual tradition for the purpose of transmuting the psyche.


Baptismal ceremony among the Sikhs by taking consecrating water


That true happiness or ultimate bliss which is the soul's natural condition along with Sat (Truth) and Chit (Consciousness) from the Indian (East) tradition


Third grand division in the creation, comprising of Trikuti and Sahansdal Kanwal, where subtle matter in the form of emotions and thought dominates, and the spirit cannot but make use of it; materal-spiritual region also known as the astral plane.


An herbal medicine that uses oil extracts of plants and herbs to treat a wide range of symptoms and conditions. The micro-pharmacological and medicinal properties of the oils play as much a therapeutic role as the aroma.


The study of the influences of stars and planets, their positions and aspects, on human affairs and events.


A subtle, luminous, energetic field surrounding the human physical body.




A reverential prefix added to the name of a holy man of merit and renown, like the prefix Rev. before a clergyman.

Bach Flower Remedies

38 flower remedies discovered by Dr. Edward Bach. They are prepared homeopathically, using a procedure he developed. They are used to balance primary negative states which often underlie physical difficulties, thus bringing healing on an emotional and physical level.


The scriptural texts. Figuratively the Holy Word or Naam.

Bhagavad Gita (Sanskrit Song of the Lord, the Adorable One or the Blessed One)

Forming part of the great epic of Mahabharta, in the nature of a dialogue of Plato or the Book of Job. Dissertation by Krishna on the duty of the Kshatriya to fight a righteous war against injustice, no matter what the odds.


to be in tune with the holy Sound Current, holy Word or Naam.

Blavatsky, Helena Petrovana (1831-91)

Russian by birth, traveled in Asia, S. America, Africa and India. In 1858 she declared that she had been initiated into esoteric Buddhism. In 1875 she founded the Theosophical Society for (1) establishing a nucleus for universal brotherhood, (2) encouraging comparative study of religion, philosophy and science, and (3) investigating the unexplained laws of nature and powers latent in man.

Body Work

Therapies such as massage, shiatsu, polariaty, Feldenkrais method, Alexander technique, Therapeutic Touch, etc., employed to promote relaxation, structural and energetic balancing and healing.


Second Grand Division in creation below Sach Khand. A spiritual-material plane, the Universal Mind, and subject to decay and dissolution.


More correctly "the Buddha"-"the awakened" or "the enlightened"; title of prince Siddhartha often called Gautama; the founder of Buddhism.



The group of animals which are anatomically and physiologically equipped to eat other animals for food. (Examples are lions and tigers.)


Literally means "spinning wheel" in Sanskrit. These are subtle invisible energy centers of the astral body which interpenetrate and interact with the physical nervous system. Spiritual evolution is a progressive upward climb from the lowest chakra in the rectum area to the higher chakras of the head.


Vital life force or energy, also known as ki, prana or mana.


A method of cleansing the colon of waste matter, using a machine which allows clean water to irrigate the colon and an outflow tube which allows wastes to leave. Usually administered by a colonic therapist, but can be done by oneself.

Crystal Healing

The practice of laying on of stones and crystals to the body to bring about healing through the metaphysical properties of the stones and crystals. The stones and crystals assist in a vibrational balancing of the subtle energies.




A Sanskrit word meaning divine.


Reverberation of the sound principle in creation, Music of the Spheres.


Music of the soul.


One who accepts and follows the teachings of a spiritual or yoga master.



A colon cleansing technique similar to, but less sophisticated than a colonic, consisting of a water bag and a single tube from which water enters the colon.



A system of abstinence from food for the purpose of cleansing and purification of the body and mind and to increase spiritual receptivity.


A group of animals which are anatomically and physiologically equipped to eat fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts for food. Scientists who espouse the vegetarian viewpoint consider humans to be frugivorous, not omnivorous (can eat anything) or carnivorous.


One who eats exclusively fruits. The definition of what is a fruit is a subject of controversy among frutarians. Some include nuts, vegetable fruits like summer squash, bush fruit like berries, whereas others consider only juicy fruits that originate from trees to be suitable for food.


A mattress made of natural materials, usually cotton, which originated in the Orient and has recently become popular in the West.


Gravity boots

A brace-like device which clamps onto the ankles from which one can hook oneself to a bar and hang upside down. Inversion improves circulation and strengthens muscles and bones, reversing the tendency of gravity to compress the body structures.


Hari Naam

The Divine Word in the depths of one's soul, made manifest by a competent Master-soul.

Hatha yoga

An Indian (Eastern) system of psycho-physical exercises originally developed to prepare the body for prolonged meditations. Recently the West has recognized that yoga promotes relaxation, flexibility, and reduces the chance of physical injuries.

Holistic health

An approach to life and healing that recognizes that symptomatic, one-dimensional relief through drugs can never substitute for nature's artful balancing of the body-mind and that one's environment and lifestyle, good diet and emotional health all have a profound influence on high level wellness.


Inversion boots

See Gravity boots.


A device which produces and emits healthful negative ions which counteract the harmful effects on body and mind of positive ions, which are emitted by car exhausts, pollutants, etc.


A health diagnostic system in which the iris (colored part) of the eye is "read" for information regarding the condition of specific internal organs and general level of health. Dr. Bernard Jensen was an early promoter and developer of this system.



A small religion of approximately 4 million people, mainly in India, which has elements similar to Buddhism and Hinduism. Their last great leader was Mahavira who lived about 500 B.C. Jain monks are extremely concerned with non-violence, even to the extent of wearing a cloth over their mouths and noses so as not to inhale insects, as well as walking with a broom to sweep away crawling insects so that they are not crushed under their feet.

Jala neti

An East Indian method of bodily purification of the nose and throat. Saltwater is poured into the nostrils and any obstructions are removed by the subsequent threading of thin cloth up the nostrils and out the mouth.

Jap or Japa

Intense repetition with the tongue of thought of God's names, losing one's individuality in the act.


A suffix added to personal names as a mark of respect.



A highly complex system of action and reaction leaving a ceaseless change of cause and effect resulting from a thoughtless thought, inadvertently uttered word or an unintended deed, for each of these has a potential to fructify, not only in the lifetime but even in lives to come; though one may in blessed forgetfulness, fail to find the link and call it a mere "coincidence"


Literally "action," kriyas in the Hindu tradition are psycho-physical spiritual exercises. They usually involve some combination of breath control and moving subtle energy. There are many kriyas similar to the many differing yoga postures (asanas) found in Hatha Yoga. - check w/u.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini literally means "coiled serpent". This latent energy is locked up at the base of the spine. Through a variety of spiritual exercises, this energy can be transported upwards to the higher chakras, (see above) thereby transmuting one's being.(see chakras). These exercises are not advised without the guidance of a competent spiritual teacher.


Living Food Diet

Raw or uncooked nourishment which has not undergone heat traatment (cooking). Alternative methods of food preparation, are used such as sprouting, fermentation, and dehydration, all of which do not destroy vitamins and minerals, or the important live enzyme activity. Live foodists believe that cooking destroys the life force in foods. (see Macrobiotic).



A philosophical and practical system based on the yin/yang of oriental philosophy. The individual seeks balance with the universe, primarily with an emphasis on diet as a means to achieve this end. This is a grain based diet in which cooking is believed to be beneficial because it raises the vibration of foods and makes nutrients more available. (see "Live Food").


New Age or New Ager

The New Age refers to the Aquarian Age which according to astrological calculations we entered in February of 1962. It is the period on this planet which has been predicted to usher in the Golden Age of love, joy and peace on earth. It requires our responsibility to live by nature's ways and to evolve spiritually in order to do our part in bringing this new world into being.


A seaweed that is pressed into flat sheets. When rolled up with vegetables, grains and seeds, vegetarian sushi is the result.



A method of food production in which nature's processes are respected and supported (i.e. adding humus, earthworms, etc. to soil). No artificial fertilizers and harmful substances are added to the food in the process of farming, harvesting or packaging. Generally more expensive, they are also usually of higher nutritional value.



Polar energetics

Sets of exercises based on Polarity therapy. (see "Polarity").


A healing system synthesized by Dr. Randolph Stone which includes aspects of Western, Ayurvedic and Chinese healing method(s) and theories. Polarity therapy works on the principle that most diseases have an energetic component as opposed to simply a mechanical due to physiological dysfunction. Opening & balancing the natural flow of life-energy (prana) through a meditative, light touch or even non-touch effective through clothing. Also similar to Cahuna (Hawaiian) & other ancient healing methods.


Vital life force or energy, also known as chi, ki or mana.


The control of the life-force as it enters with the breath. Specifically, it takes the form of various breathing exercises that can recharge the body with prana or life force, thereby assisting in the healing of the body-mind. It has a tendency to quiet the mind.



A breathing-centered approach which attempts to create the conditions conducive to the release of birth trauma and residues of other past psychological events, by letting go of the body tension and blocks which prevent free and energized breath flow. It should always be done with a qualified rebirther.


A mini-trampoline suitable for home use. Excellent for cardiovascular conditioning without the negative effects of running on hard pavement.


A massage system which works almost exclusively on the feet and hands. Reflexology is based on the theory that the feet and hands have nerve endings that reflex to the whole body and that by working on the painful spots, one can restore healing energy flow to weak or damaged organs.


A spiritual technique from the Orient which teaches individuals to attune to the higher energies of universal love so that they can be a channel for self-healing and the healing of others.


Developed by Ida Rolf, the true name for this connective tissue massage is Structural Integration. Through deep and sometimes painful strokes that stretch and re-align the fascia (connective tissue) and muscles, postural deviations are corrected and the body can assume proper alignment and a new relationship with gravity which translates into improved physical, emotional and mental functioning.



Literally means finger pressure, similar to acupressure. (see Acupressure.)


A blue-green algae which grows in highly alkaline waters. As a food it is an extremely good source of complete protein, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. Spirulina may be a key to solving world hunger problems since man-made spirulina farms do not require arable land.


A mystic sect of the Muslim religion. The original Sufis were those who renounced the world, considering the affairs of this world to be ephemeral. Instead, they chose to lose themselves in ceremonial dancing and music which was dedicated to attaining God consciousness.


Tai Chi Chaun

A chinese system of self-defense and healing, practiced in a slow meditative state often used for centering the mind and body. Recently it has become popular in the West, and is still practiced widely in mainland China.


One who follows Taoism (T pronounced like D), a religion and philosophy given to the world by Lao-tzu of ancient China. The Tao is a universal cosmic energy that is behind the visible order of nature and guides world events. A taoist is one who perceives this principle in life and makes manifest "the way" of heaven (Tao) on earth.



Upanishads (Sanskrit) - Esoteric or mysterious teachings, forming the most spiritual portion of the Vedas, the philosophical treatises offered by ancient forest-dwelling Rishis to their disciples. Monduk Upanishad is one of about 100 such texts dealing with problems like origin of the universe, character of Godhead, nature of the human soul and its relationship to matter and spirit. Nad Upanishad is another such text dealing with the glory of Nad or the Sound Current.



A type of vegetarian who does not partake of any foods of animal origin such as honey, dairy products, eggs, etc.


Of or pertaining to Vitarianism. (see Vitarian)


A word coined by Johnny Lovewisdom, South American tropical colonizer and spiritually minded dietologist. Vitarians believe that eating of the seeds of fruits ie. nuts, as well as the eating of seeds of grains ie. sprouts, makes one "go to seed ". This stimulated sex-drive from nuts and grain fuels the fire to sex and other desires, the consequence being that biological reconstruction cannot manifest into spiritual evolution. Main staples are juicy fruits and leafy green vegetables.



The week old grass of wheat sprouts which results when the sprouts are planted in soil or grown hydroponically. It is extremely cleansing and rebuilding due to its very high chlorophyll, enzyme and nutrient content.



A round cushion used to sit on while meditating.




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