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 The Spiritual Dimensions of a Living Foods Diet


Much has been said about the benefits of maintaining a simple pure vegetarian diet from which dead, devitalized substances have been eliminated. The health of the physical body and ecological principles are most often cited as the prime considerations, and much is left unsaid about the overall spiritual impact of eating in accordance with the laws of the Universe.

All of us who have changed our diets, that is, moved from the typical American way of eating, to natural high-vibrational foods, have experienced something remarkable in our lives. As we become free of the toxic waste and mucous that have impaired our system for years, inner channels of receptivity are opened. We become dramatically less dense and better able to pick up those Cosmic vibrations and forces that were beyond our receiving power in the past.

A whole new dimension of sensitivities unveils itself, especially a more profoundly intimate knowledge of our identity with Super Consciousness. With near bewildering force we become more open to Universal Love; wisdom and guidance come with steadfastly increasing certainty. Sometimes the experiences are so subtle and fragile that they simply serve to enrich and add sweet pleasure to our day-to-day existence ; sometimes they are so intense and penetrating that we seem to overflow with transcendent wonder, forcing a reorganization of our entire perceptual system.

What name you might give to this kind of initiation, this new dimension in your spiritual life, matters little. What's important is that your homeward journey has become lighter and more joyous, and you will never be the same.


- Constance Brooks



© 1997 Constance Brooks