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The Vegetarian Travel Guide™ offers our online visitors a comprehensive list of vegan and vegetarian vacation destinations around the world. Our online directory includes B&B's, sports & fitness retreats, natural hot springs, living food retreats and educational centers, meditation retreats, spas, and yoga retreats.

State & City Guides update: Our vegetarian state guides now list only vacation destinations, and will no longer be providing links to vegan & vegetarian restaurants, natural food stores, and food coops — and our city guides have been removed. For those who miss these features, you can continue to discover many restaurants, natural food stores and other healthy lifestyle local resources within your city or state using the links below.

Find over 100 natural food cooperatives around the USA at Coop Directory Service.

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Ann Wigmore Foundation (photo courtesy: Ann Wigmore Foundation)
P.O. Box 399, San Fidel, NM 87049-0399
Phone: 505-552-0595
Cuisine: Vegan living foods.
Description: Founded by Ann Wigmore and operated in Boston for 32 years, they are now located in a radiant oasis, high in the desert of enchanting New Mexico in the shadow of Mt. Taylor. Visit for a quiet retreat and discover renewed vitality, emotional balance, and spiritual strength inspired by a living foods cuisine. Offer 10-day health retreats.

Lama Foundation (photos courtesy: Lama Foundation)
P.O. Box 240, San Cristobal, NM 87564
Phone: 505-586-1269
Cuisine: Vegetarian
Description: The Lama Foundation is an intentional spiritual community and educational center located in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains of Northern New Mexico and overlooking the vast Rio Grande Valley. The purpose of Lama is to be a sustainable spiritual community and educational center dedicated to the awakening of consciousness, spiritual practice with respect for all traditions, service, and stewardship of the land.

3HO Events
P.O. Box 2337, Espanola, NM 87532
Phone: 505-753-4988 or 888-346-2420 (Toll-Free)
Cuisine: Vegetarian
Description: Yoga events held at Ram Das Puri, the Spectacular 170-acre yoga campsite in the crown of the Jemez Mountains of NM.

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