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The Vegetarian Travel Guide™ offers our online visitors a comprehensive list of vegan and vegetarian vacation destinations around the world. Our online directory includes B&B's, sports & fitness retreats, natural hot springs, living food retreats and educational centers, meditation retreats, spas, and yoga retreats.

State & City Guides update: Our vegetarian state guides now list only vacation destinations, and will no longer be providing links to vegan & vegetarian restaurants, natural food stores, and food coops — and our city guides have been removed. For those who miss these features, you can continue to discover many restaurants, natural food stores and other healthy lifestyle local resources within your city or state using the links below.

Find over 100 natural food cooperatives around the USA at Coop Directory Service.

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Brook Farm Inn
  (photo courtesy: Brook Farm Inn)
Linda and Phil Halpern, Innkeepers
15 Hawthorne St., Lenox, MA 01240
Phone: 800-285-7638 (POET), 413-637-3013.

Cuisine: Mostly vegetarian. Accommodate special dietary needs and always have gluten free options and a variety of non-dairy milks.
Victorian inn close to Lenox center and Tanglewood. Canopy beds, fireplaces, pool, afternoon tea, full breakfast. Library with lots of poetry.
The Shady Hollow Inn
370 Main St., South Dennis, MA 02660
Phone: 508-394-7474

Cuisine: Vegetarian or vegan breakfasts available.
Vegetarian B&B on the Cape! They say..."Each morning, we serve a full breakfast from our vegetarian kitchen which will satisfy all our hungry guests, vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike. Our guests will find a tasty array of baked goods, fresh fruit, quiche of the day, hot or cold cereal, juice, coffee, tea or other special dish. For strict vegetarians and vegans, we will happily prepare dairy-free and eggless dishes that will tickle your taste buds."
Earthlands (photos courtesy: Earthlands)
39 Glasheen Road, Petersham, MA 01366
Phone: 978-724-3428
Description: Earthlands is both an educational institution and an Earth-centered community located on approximately 350 acres... empowering all to live more creatively, sustainably, and consciously with the Earth. The Earthlands Program Center offers a range of programs and services that support the vision of "living and learning in harmony with the Earth", including environmental education, youth programs, creating community, personal healing. Live-in Intern/Apprenticeship positions available!

Kripalu Yoga Center
P.O. Box 793, Lenox, MA 01240-0793
Phone: 413-448-3152
Cuisine: Whole grains, fresh vegetables, and legumes form the backbone of the menus, with poultry, fish, and dairy products optional.
Description: With Kripalu R&R, you decide how to spend your days so that you can create exactly the right experience for you. Choose from a variety of workshops, outdoor activities, and yoga and movement classes.

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